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Program Director

Jim Gaston, Director
317 Teer Building, Duke University, Durham NC 27708

Jim Gaston is the Duke Smart Home Program Director. He manages student project teams, directs project research, and is responsible for curriculum integration. Jim is the main point of contact for the Duke Smart Home Program and Home Depot Smart Home.

Smart Home Student Club

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The student president of the Duke Smart Home Club works with the Director to set and promotes the Duke Smart Home Program vision and goals. The president also oversees the executive board and maintains communication with all smart home personnel.

The executive vice president of the Duke Smart Home Program is responsible for the Duke Smart Home Competition as well as for the management of group and student project teams. The vice president also performs other miscellaneous executive duties such as implementing technical projects in the home, and coordinating with other on-campus groups.

Faculty Advisor

John Board

John Board is an associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Computer Science. He received his D.Phil in 1986 from Oxford University. Read more

Staff Affiliate

Corporate and Industry Relations
Pratt School of Engineering


We develop collaborative partnerships with industry. Read more