EGR 355: Smart Home Tech Development

Credits: ½ Credit Pass Fail

Eligibility: Open to any duke student (non-engineers are encouraged to enroll)

Meeting Time: Meets on Mondays from 6:15pm to 7:30pm in Hudson Hall

Jim Gaston – Smart Home Program Director,
John Board – Pratt ECE Associate Professor

Textbook: Fundamentals of Project Management 4th Ed by Heagney

Theme: Turn your idea into reality!

Course Goals:  

  1. Provide an overview of the Duke Smart Home Program.
  2. Provide opportunities to learn and use project management skills.
  3. Provide “hands-on” experience with sustainable and new technologies.

Course Overview:
Everyone has ideas – but how do you take an idea and make it work? The Duke Smart Home Program and the Home Depot Smart Home are designed to help students turn their ideas into reality. Students are encouraged to form teams and work together to come up with ideas, 3D models, and working prototypes utilizing new and sustainable technologies that promote smarter living.

Previous project ideas include:

  • Electric bicycle
  • Stirling engine
  • BioFuel production
  • Multi-Touch surface
  • Hydroponic garden

Projects are generally aligned with energy, efficiency, environmental, or entertainment features. Most projects have a “cool factor” that involves some new technology or new use of an existing technology that promotes smarter living.

Teamwork and communication are stressed as important part of the project process. Students are encouraged to form diverse teams (engineers and non-engineers) and work together to develop new and innovative solutions to specific problems. Teams are required to document the project process with a project plan and YouTube type video.

For more information about this class – contact the Smart Home Program Director.