The Smart Home Program regularly offers a 1/2 credit course focused on sustainable living topics. The program also offers non-credit house courses focused on changing topics that are of interest to the current group of students involved in the program.

ERG 185 – Smart Home Technology Development

Everyone has ideas – but how do you take an idea and make it work? The Duke Smart Home Program and the Home Depot Smart Home are designed to help students turn their ideas into reality. Students are encouraged to form teams and work together to come up with ideas, 3D models, and working prototypes utilizing new and sustainable technologies that promote smarter living. Learn more.

HOUSECS 79.11 - Sustainable Structures

This course offers a basic introduction into sustainable structures, focusing on the economic and social relevance.  Design aspects of sustainable structures, energy management and energy auditing are being discussed.  Students will gain hands-on experience performing a lighting audit (one aspect of an energy audit) of a Duke Medical facility using WattStopper IT-200 Data Loggers (light on/off, occupancy). Learn more.