Students are the reason for Duke's Smart Home Program. Today's students are motivated to make a difference in the world, and what better way to do that than to study sustainable living?

Our program is designed to allows students of all backgrounds and interest levels engage in projects that inspire them. For example, we offer a for-credit elective course in smart home structure design and a non-credit house course on sustainable living. Students can engage in level-of-effort student projects, independent study for credit projects, or enroll in the more formalized Smart Home Fellows program. We also support the NAE Grand Challenge Scholars program, which enables students to tailor their undergraduate experience around a particular societal grand challenge.

The Duke Smart Home Club is also a powerful force on campus, and open to students from all academic backgrounds. Through the club, students not only have an opportunity for hands-on project work, they also learn critical project management and communications skills.

One important note: students projects do not need to be focused on The Home Depot Smart Home, although the dorm is available as a resource and testbed. We encourage students to pursue projects that interest and inspire them, and that address sustainable living in any number of ways.

Student Spotlights

Rebecca Lai

Rebecca Lai, who won the Grand Prize and First Place People’s Award for her video “Seed,” is a sophomore Angier B. Duke Scholar double majoring in computer science and visual arts.

Watch "Seed":

“For me, exploring science with the arts is kind of like entering a new world. I was very inspired by the whole Alice in Wonderland, Narnia concept. My video is about a girl who enters into this new and fantastic place through STEAM.” – Rebecca Lai

Ani Mohan

Ani Mohan is studying electrical engineering. He has a passion for technology entrepreneurship. At the Smart Home, he’s been working on a smart refrigerator. Watch Ani discuss his projects and goals:

“One of the things that is motivating to me is that whatever I do have a lot of impact, and being able to tie my work to that impact is very satisfying.” — Ani Mohan