Energy Monitoring (2x) Project

The Duke Energy Monitoring (2x) Project is an evolving relationship between Duke and the NGO Builders of Hope. Builders of Hope is a non-profit organization that has helped rebuild homes and lives by providing safe, affordable housing to working families since 2007.

The goal of the Duke partnership is to help renovate homes near Duke, and provide learning opportunities for students in the process.

The project centers on a number of homes nearby Duke that Builders of Hope is in the process of renovating. The benefit of this project include helping one of the university's partner neighborhoods, and will provide hands on educational and research opportunities for both our students and faculty and could lead to development of systems, methods, and policies for reducing energy use and costs in the broader residential sector, particularly for low income housing. This is a distinctive and possibly unique opportunity for research service learning, and Duke will be involved in analyzing the energy performance of the homes before and after Builders of Hope renovates them.

We're also exploring the potential for instrumenting one or more of the homes for multi-year research on residential energy use, the cost effectiveness of different energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems, and even behavioral studies of home energy use.