Research at the Duke Smart Home Program encompasses the efforts of students, faculty and our industry partners. The breadth of research is expansive, but tends to focus on "smarter" technology solutions, often by integrating or using existing technology in new ways. Sustainability, energy efficiency, and quality of life are themes throughout.

How Research Happens




  • Smart Home Research Fellows
  • Smart Home Student Club projects
  • Independent Study
  • Sponsored research
  • Industry/student collaborations
  • Smart dorm as a testbed for energy related research

Great examples of student projects:

DuTrack Project

Smart Home students developed a way for faculty, staff and students across Duke to track where their bus is on an interactive campus map. The technology takes advantages of GPS signals on phones that are placed on buses as tracking devices.

Perkinsense Project

Duke graduate Matt Ball and a team of Smart Home Club students developed "Perkinsense," an online resource to help students find study rooms in Perkins Library on Duke's campus. The technology uses infrared camera to determine if rooms are in use and publishes that info to a website over wifi. More info