The Smart Garden

Duke University seeks to attain and maintain a place of leadership in all that we do. This includes leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability on campus and in the larger community of which we are a part. We bring vision, intellect, and high ethical standards to our pursuit of environmental leadership in research and teaching, institutional operations, and our relationship with the community. As part of the pilot project for the Sustainable Sites Initiative, we have worked closely with John Deere in order to design a new landscape and garden on Duke’s central campus that is both beautiful and sustainable. Efforts were made to include input from users and other stakeholders, both on and off campus, in an effort to identify a variety of stakeholder needs while at the same time adding local knowledge to the professional expertise.

As a result, the “Smart-Sustainable Landscape” at the Smart Home blends form and function in an effort to balance aesthetics and practicality. Our goal of having the most sustainable landscape on campus requires that we seek harmony between the built and the natural environment. We are proud to be a part of the SITES Initiative Pilot Project program and support more sustainable landscapes for the future.