Live in the Dorm

How do I Apply?

Please note that if chosen, you will be expected to contribute to the Smart Home Program as a member of our Executive Board, a project team, or our tour guide program. For more information about these tracks, contact the Smart Home student president.

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Live at The Home Depot Smart Home

A central goal of the Duke Smart Home Program is to have a diverse and inter-disciplinary group of students involved. Any Duke student can apply to live at the Smart Home.

Recently, the students living at the Smart Home included:

  •     5 Pratt School of Engineering students
  •     5 Trinity Arts & Sciences students

How are residents chosen?

A committee of faculty and students are involved in the selection process using the following criteria:

  • Interest in the Smart Home Program
  • Future commitment to Smart Home Program

How much does it cost?

Housing rates for living at the Smart Home are set by Duke RLHS and generally the same as a West Campus Double AC room. In 2010 the summer rate was $1,220 per session and the Fall/Spring rate was $6,630.

The House Manager

The Smart Home House Manager is responsible for scheduling events at the Smart Home and reporting maintenance needs. For more information about this position, contact the Smart Home Director.

Other Questions?

Contact the Smart Home Director for more information about the application or selection process.